140627 Super Junior′s Heechul Reveals Why He Never Takes Pictures with His Girlfriend

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Super Junior’s Heechul revealed the reason he never takes pictures with his girlfriend.

During June 26’s broadcast of JTBC’s Ssulzun, the panel talked about the recent outbreak on Girls’ Generation (SNSD) Taeyeon and EXO Baek Hyun’s relationship.

Heechul revealed during the show that he knew about Taeyeon and Baek Hyun’s relationship since a month earlier, saying “Coincidentally, I’m the closest to Taeyeon out of SNSD and Baek Hyun out of EXO.”

He said, “The fans are especially disappointed because Taeyeon and Baek Hyun receive so much love from the fans. If I get involved in a scandal, they wouldn’t care so much, but it’s different in the case of Taeyeon and Baek Hyun.”

Heechul then revealed he has never taken a picture with his girlfriend, reasoning, “I always tell my hubaes never to leave trace when they are dating, so one time…

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